The Dollars and Sense of Investing in Early Ed

Did you know?

We value – and invest in – education very differently depending on the age of our children. We invest as much as $18 per hour in public education (1) for MA children beginning at age 6.  Yet for those same children at age 3, 4 and 5 we invest as little as $3.42 per hour (2). Is it any wonder our most vulnerable little ones come to school already so far behind?

If we invested more equitably in our learners from birth through high-school, we would come closer to bridging the gap in support which amounts to $14 more per hour, $81 per day and $16,000 per year. Imagine what kind of an impact that we could have in eliminating the achievement gap!

A center-based ECE program operating in Greater Boston with 130 subsidized slots generates $1 million less in support per year than a private center charging the 75th percentile of market rates. How can they expect to compete with private centers for the best teachers and provide the highest quality possible with only 1/4 of the resources?

What You Can Do Right Now

Here are three things that you can do to educate colleagues, staff, local legislators and even friends and family:

  1. Write a letter to to Governor using this easy template!
  2. Read more about the latest issues impacting early education and out of school time on our website and pass it along!
  3. Learn more by clicking on the links above and share these picture memes and statistics with your networks and on Facebook!

(1): Annual per pupil expenditure % 180 school days % 6.4 hour days
(2) Based on daily reimbursement rate % 10 hours per day

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