Speaker DeLeo Calls for Early Ed Business Advisory Group

Speaker DeLeo’s 2016 Address to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

“When taken at face value, early education and care may not seem like a business or labor issue. But make no mistake, it is. Those of you here today should recognize that; you know firsthand how significantly childcare affects your work and the work of your employees.

The benefits of high-quality programing for our youngest residents are undisputable and the House will continue its focus on building a strong workforce, while also pushing for heightened access.

Although access is important, we need to ask ourselves “access to what?” Without support for a quality workforce there is no access to meaningful programming.

Therefore, we must build on the foundation we have laid. We must move upwards and give early educators, parents, and, most of all, our children a system they deserve. We do this by finding better ways to support those who make it their business to educate and care for our youngest and most vulnerable residents.

I’ve no doubt my colleagues and I can benefit from your expertise. That’s why today I am calling on you. I am inviting business leaders from here and across the state to join in the creation of an Early Education and Care Business Advisory Group so we can discuss how the business community can help us address the critical needs of the early education and care field.

I believe in the great potential of those in this room today and I know that with your input we can find ways to build and provide ongoing support for a strong EEC workforce.”

Read the entire speech here!

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