From the 1996 Membership Directory:

In the Beginning…

June 1975: Diane Hart and Janis Topham sat down and made a list of all the Arabian horse owners in the area. The list consisted of approximately 40 people. They contacted people and suggested that we might like to meet and form a club. The initial meeting was held at Diane’s home in San Antonio, with a large turnout in response to their calls.

Janis and Diane planted the seeds of their plan and they grew. We have these two ladies to thank for the Alamo Arabian Horse club. 

August 1975: A meeting was held at the home of Dr. Leo Cuello to elect the first officers. First President – Bill Allen; 1st VP – Shorty Clark; 2nd VP – Diane Hart; Treasurer – Terry Topham; Secretary – Judy Anderson. Board members: Art Snell, Ginny Nokes and Jeanene Pegg. 

Art Snell was in charge of Trail Rides, Dr. Cuello – Youth, Ginny Nokes – Public Relations and the Newsletter. Asst. – Vicki Leach.

October 1975: We applied to IAHA as an affiliate club.

February 1976: We were approved and became active in Region IX activities. 

October 1975 (76?): Our first newsletter was printed and mailed to the members.

November 1976: The club put on its first horse show. Also, in November 1976, the AAHA Quadrille was formed. It was headed by Cindy Joiner. The quadrille was made up of 10-12 people. the group worked hard and became quite popular. They performed not only at our horse shows and club events, but were invited to show at other events as well. 

The club was quite active with functions for its members. Clinics, trail rides, dinner meetings with lectures, mini shows, etc. and club picnics were planned to enable the club to grow in knowledge and spend time together in fellowship. 

The club Activity Chairman was responsible for having an activity planned for the members each month.

A look back …  

Certainly the most famous Arabian horse in the world is Walter Farley’s “Black Stallion.” The Alamo Arabian Horse Association was priviledge to count Cass Ole, who played the Black Stallion, along with his human family as members. One of our current board members, Margo Shallcross, worked at San Antonio Arabians when Cass was starring in the movie and she handled Cass on tour and they did Sunday exhibitions for the public at Dr. Leo and Dr. “V” Cuello’s farm on Bitters Road. Francesca “Frannie” Cuello was Cass’s partner in the show ring and Walter Chapman, also a longtime AAHA member, trained him to show.