Nationwide Length Championships Mix and Coincide

Competition starts Tuesday, October 27 with the AHA National Tournament 100-Mile Stamina Journey, along with about three coinciding AERC endurance trips; 100-distance, 50-mile and 25-mile. The AHA National Tournament competing pathway ride (CTR) covers two time, October 28-29. The last days of federal competition will feature the AHA Nationwide 50-Mile Stamina Trip, plus a 50-distance and 25-distance AERC sanctioned journey on October 30. The Ozark Region Endurance Riders (OCER) will host a Halloween night specific, Witch Way Drive, on October 31 as well.

Also a novice to the Distance National Championships is the chance to earn Designated Sweepstakes winning prize dollars. A horse can earn Allocated Money if a horse is competing in the National 100-Mile Endurance Ride or the National Competitive Trail Ride. Assigned Sweepstakes reward finances are in addition to the Sweepstakes Points Program dollars, which requires twelve-monthly enrollment ahead of the occasion.

The days of the Countrywide Distance Championships coincide with that of your United states Nationals inOklahoma and Tulsa, about an hour or so and half away, providing horse fanatics in Oklahoma a great deal to watch in October. Arabians, Half-Arabians and Anglo-Arabians, recognized for their adaptability and athleticism will be displayed at the Countrywide Range Championships and U.S. Nationals to the open public to enjoy anything from the grueling 100 mile energy drive towards the glitz and glamour of English language pleasure along with the exhilaration of working cow courses.

For the first time at any time, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) will combine the National Endurance Journey and National Competitive Trail Drive into 1 week of exciting competition, that will consist of United states Energy Trip Meeting (AERC) sanctioned rides, October 27-31 at Lake Carl Blackwell in Stillwater, Oklahoma.