Subway surfers cheats steals your fun run

We find n number of games now days in Google play store for androids and windows play store for windows operating system and game center for IOS series phones which are really fun filled games and have variety of features and graphics in them. These games give you great experience while playing and achieving goals in them and also gift you keys for extra run if you are out. Every game developed always has some loop holes from which many hackers hack the game and spoil the fun. One of the renowned games among them is subway surfers, and many hackers have provided cheats to this game by hacking those loops in the coding of game which can be found as .

These cheats provide gamers with unlimited keys of life, unlock new runners, fill your coins in 5 or more no of digits , activate many add ones in your run etc. But as a game lover I feel totally terrible for this sort of hack. where’s the fun in winning a game by cheating, when you score in lacks getting hit as many times and still continuing your run as you are provided with infinite keys to roll on, where does it end. Playing a game is meant for having fun not for showoff. We often search for such type of cheats whenever you feel you can’t figure that out, its not a competition, its for our personal time pass. As we enjoy playing a game which is difficult and enjoy cracking the obstacles by our strategy, how can we enjoy a game when there’s no difficulties, no fear of getting out etc. when we can’t play a game genuinely how can anyone think we are genuine at all Think and act.