Ten steps for successful minecraft hosting

If you have been dreaming of owning a server on your windows operating system, then your dream may just become reality if you follow the following ten simple steps outlined below;

1. Choose a high specification computer

For a freezefree experience, you need a computer with fast CPU Central Processing Unit and high RAM Random Access Memory size especially if it would be a public server.

2. High Internet Speed

To avoid glitches that have to do with delayed interactions between players, you will need a high speed internet connection preferably a WiFi

3. Install the Latest Java

Windows computers rarely come with preinstalled java so consider downloading it. Note; you cannot install a 64bit java on a 32bit computer and vice versa.

4. Download the right minecraft server program

Minecraft program package differs with each operating system. Download Minecraft_Server.exe. The file is available for free on minecraft.net

5. Run program

Run the program by doubleclicking on the application. Once you see ‘Done’ after the last message ‘Preparing spawn area’, enter ‘Stop’ in the text field and press Enter button.

6. Customize settings

You can customize settings by accessing the Server. Properties file using Notepad.

7. Dictate who plays

You can do this by granting them access to the server.

8. Appoint administrators

Administrators or moderators have the power to add or block a player. To make someone an admin, enter their username into the Ops or Admin list

9. Allow a wider coverage

To make your minecraft hosting server available to more players outside the LAN, set up your router to forward port.

10. Distribute your IP

For anyone outside your LAN to access your minecraft hosting server, they need to have your IP. You can find your IP by typing the right argument on search engines.